Thursday, October 1, 2009

The history

How this all began:

A year ago, very close to my birthday, if not actually on my birthday, I discovered my mother's recipes at my sister's Vicki's house in the basement. It was actually what I consider my best "birthday gift" last year. I think I went down cellar to flip on the furnace and saw the boxes of recipes close by. I found two boxes stuffed with recipes..."stuffed" is not an exaggeration for one box considering I can't even close the box. I was thrilled and touched. I felt like it was a gift from her for that particular birthday. Anyway, it was great to have two full boxes. I had been bugging Vicki to get me her Swedish meatballs recipe for a while and now I had not only that recipe, but a few hundred more! Thank God, what a invaluable blessing! So I made the Swedish Meatballs in the next few weeks. They were okay, but as "they" say "practice makes perfect." So, I also made a Raspberry Coconut Crisp, too. By now I think I have made it five times. People always love it! I have tried two recipes recently: Oatmeal Macaroons and Coffee Cake

The macaroons were good but kinda feel apart. The Coffee Cake included corn flakes as part of the topping which made for an interesting cake. I learned after the fact that separating eggs means that you don't include the yolks...oooops. I made a mental note! I think I'll drizzle a buttery brown sugar syrup on top of the cornflakes to make it a little better. We'll see. So, that's it. I have made a total of four of her recipes. My hope is to make a new recipe each week. I will most likely bring it to a dinner I go to every Monday. I figure that way I will have people with whom to share it which is exciting and therefore I will not be the only one eating the deliciousness :) Optimistic...I am. Anyway, So what's next you ask? I am going to bake "Spicy Apple Twists" which basically are apple pieces with cinnamon and sugar on them wrapped in strips of dough and baked. I am going to pick the apples, too :) It should be fun. I hope you enjoy my blog. Feedback is welcome...I'm a rookie :)


  1. Hi Mary,
    I'm happy to be able to read your blog!! I definately saw that recipe box and yes it was MORE than stuffed! I believe I remember trying your meatballs made them for your mom's house party. :) I'm excited about your blog...I think it's cool that you're starting it on your birthday, the same time you found the recipe box. You can follow my blog too (

    Happy Birthday again and have fun tonight!
    See you Monday. :)


  2. Mar, Super excited for you! Your comment about separating the egg reminds me of the garlic clove and garlic head incident during grad school. hahaha

  3. mary ... from one blogger to another...i am ***so*** proud of you!! you really should go see Julie and Julia ... kind of a similar theme, and a great movie! : )

    that is truly a gift! if i were you, i'd work on a special project to place the original recipes into a sort of album, and of course type all of them into a backup file.

    i can't wait to read more. so glad you've decided to be a foodie! love you!

    p.s. i'm adding you as a link to my blog!!