Sunday, November 8, 2009

Upside Down Apple Cake

Sooo...I have a new baking success to report on: Upside Down Apple Cake

About a month ago when my sister was down for the 1/2 marathon that she completed (I did a 5K) I asked her what she wanted for a cake and she said an Upside Down Apple Cake. Well for someone used to doing the box mix, this certainly presented a challenge. I tried, unsuccessfully to do a few cakes from scratch. I found a recipe on-line that seemed pretty simple so I decided to give it a go. I did notice some comments left by people who had used the recipe and the consensus was that the batter was not "pourable". One person suggested an addition of 1/2 cup of milk; I chose to add a 1/4 cup apple cider and a 1/4 cup apple sauce. With these semi-significant changes I feel that the recipe is mine which is cool. Anyway, so I'm making the recipe and the batter tasted so delicious I felt that it was a good sign. I get anxious when I try new recipes especially if I can't try the finished product before others do. And in this case I couldn' the delicious batter was very comforting. Anyway, I brought it up to Virginia, lugging it to her apartment in Somerville was not so fun. I had to carry it on the T and then from the stop in Davis Square up to her apartment which is a 25 minute walk. I'll call this a labor of love :) Well, how did this all turn out, you ask, with baited breath? I brought it to Virginia's work, Skipjack's and she had them heat it up. One of the cooks flipped it which I hadn't done yet and then whip cream was added. We sang to Virginia and she blew out her candlesa. It was a very pretty cake and Virginia liked it, as did her co-workers. Isn't it a good feeling when someone takes seconds? A few did. I'm glad I got to make a few apple recipes this Fall. Hopefully, if there are some more warm days I'll go apple picking. What's the next cooking adventure? Not sure yet. Maybe something with chocolate...I actually would love to find my mother's Zucchini bread recipe which I haven't been able to locate. I tried Zucchini bread with chocolate chips. One word: seconds. So good! We'll see. I kind of want to "test" some Thanksgiving Day dishes. What are you all doing for Thanksgiving in terms of food?


  1. i recently made zucchini chocolate chip bread, myself!! sooo yummy!! glad the cake was a success.

  2. I actually didn't make anything this mom was gonna let me make pumpkin pie but she beat me to it!